Case Study 8: Machine all at sea

In company consultancy, tasked with improving the operation of an CNC laser bar cutting machine.

This company installed the machine as part of major capitol purchase two years ago. Despite there being reliability issues with the operation of the machine, concern was raised over it's ability to provided sufficient bars for downstream processes.


Once the team had been trained in the tools of lean, they process mapped what was currently happening and then brainstormed ideas as to what they needed to make the line work correctly.

They came up with thirty plus key improvements ranging from changes of job roles through to the siting of CCTV and duplication of control switches onto the main control panel.

The team took great pride in being able to make a difference, supported by the business.

They achieved both tangible and intangible benefits, one of which was increased sense of team working.

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Customer Profile

Ship building

Main focus of activity
Eradication of waste from and optimising the process

1. Potential freeing up of £1m cash
2 80% reduction in turn-time

Amazing how simple the tools were to use and apply, the challenge is changing the culture of "we've always done it this way" and out-moded production methodology.

Paul Warwick - Production Engineering




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