Case Study 9: It's a 100k wrap!

In-company consultancy, to improve the use of mould tools and
storage space.

This company is a key supplier of GRP moulds to a large producer of luxury yachts. They were struggling to keep pace with demand.

A lot of time was spent retrieving the mould tools from outside and then due to being stored outside spending excessive time cleaning them prior to the application of moulding release wax in preparation for moulding.

After studying the manufacturing process it was soon apparent that there were a number of issues to address:

The biggest problem was the excessive movement of materials and the waiting & delay of people and products within the production process. This became the primary focus for the improvement activities.

In addition the moulds were now wrapped with shrink film as soon as production was completed. This ensured they would stay clean when moved back outside to the storage areas.


The workshop also had a mezzanine floor which was used to store material. It was evaluated that 90% of it was not needed. This created a large area to store small and regularly used moulds inside the workshop and the larger ones that remained outside were colour coded by boat type.

In addition the moulds were now wrapped with shrink film as soon as they were empty which kept them clean when stored outside.

This simple and inexpensive change meant a reduction of pre cleaning and preparation for each mould of up to 5 hours.

This equated to 100 hours per week or £105,000 potential saving per annum!

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Customer Profile

Marine Leisure

Main focus of activity
Manufacture of molds for boat hulls

£105,000 saving per year.

"I am amazed at what was achieved in only three days."

Pete Smith
Production Team Leader




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